The Franzensburg is a castle at Laxenburg in District Mödling in Lower Austria, which was built in 1801-1836 in the style of an old castle. The name comes from the then Emperor Franz II and I, respectively, had it erected in the middle of Castle Park as a museum alongside the existing locks of Laxenburg on an artificial island in the park pond.


The castle was designed by Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf of Hohenberg in two parts ( Knight's Castle and Knapp Castle ) and was intended from the beginning as a museum. With their reliance on medieval designs the Franzensburg regarded as a milestone on the way to historicism. Ingredients of the removed in the course of Josephinism parish church in the Holy Cross were used. Also set pieces older buildings are integrated into the castle, especially the reconstruction of Klosterneuburger Capella Speciosa, the first gothic -influenced building in the Danube region.

The construction of the castle fell into the time in which the production of bricks south of Vienna began. As the price of each brick seemed too high, bought Kaiser Franz ado 's brick Voesendorf and additionally the Voesendorf castle.

1806 a ferry was established, which leads across the pond from the mainland to the island with the Franzensburg. In winter, it is replaced by a wooden bridge. On the opposite side of the island is accessible year-round by a stone bridge.

The castle and the surrounding castle pond are embedded in a 250 -hectare castle park, which was designed in the late 18th century in the style of an English landscape gardens. In it are forests, meadows, multiple channels, a showground, the Concordia temple and other buildings such as the "Knights pillar", a marble bust of the Emperor and the pleasure house.

Today, the park is a popular destination. In the castle tours are offered and organized theater performances during the summer. At the pond there is a summer rental of rowing and electric boats.

Eduard Gurk: The Franzensburg in Laxenburg near Vienna ( about 1838 )

Franzensburg and ferry ( 2009)

In winter, a bridge replaces the ferry service (2006)


The museum was reopened in 2003 by Otto von Habsburg, after the castle was even earlier open to the public. The collection, which mainly affects the Habsburgs in Austria - Hungary, with additional similar how. , Bad Ischl, Schonbrunn Palace or Castle of Gödöllő in Hungary

The museum is also the Austrian museum seal of approval.

When passing through the museum in the castle several rooms can be visited:

Channel in the castle park

Fischer Dörfl bridge

Cascade bridge