Fred Wesley

Fred Wesley ( born July 4, 1943 in Mobile, Alabama) is an American trombonist.

Originally coming from the jazz Wesley collected with Count Basie his first experience before he came to James Brown in the 1960s and was an integral part of the brass section. Both for James Brown as well as the influential side project The JB's, he was at times also served as Musical Director. At the emergence of funk music Wesley was instrumental, he and his partner on saxophone Maceo Parker formed a congenial team.

In the 1970s both came along with Pee Wee Ellis to George Clinton, where they coined as Horny Horns the universe of P-Funk with sophisticated arrangements. Under this name they released two albums of his own, Say Blow By Blow Backwards and A Blow for Me, a Toot for You.

Discography (selection)

  • Wuda Cuda Shuda
  • Doin 'it to death ( Fred Wesley and the J. B. ' s )
  • Roots Revisited ( Maceo Parker)
  • Live on Planet Groove ( with The J. B. ' s )
  • A Blow for Me a Toot for You ( with JB's featuring Maceo Parker)
  • New Friends ( 1990, with Maceo Parker)
  • I Like It That ( the JB Horns 93)
  • Amalgamation (1994 )
  • With a Little Help from my Friends (including with Nils Landgren, 2010)
  • Kings ( with The Apples 2010)