Free List (Liechtenstein)

The Free List (FL ) is a political party in the Principality of Liechtenstein. It was founded in 1985 and is characterized " social, democratic and ecologically " with. According to the party program are its central themes of equality of men and women, social justice and solidarity, environmental protection, transport policy and integration of foreigners. They lobby for the introduction of a representative monarchy in the Principality.

In 1993, she overcame in the regional elections for the first time, the eight -percent electoral threshold. In the 2005 election, it reached 13 percent of the vote and won so three out of 25 seats. In the state elections in 2009 it fell to 8.9 percent and was only able to win a seat. In the 2013 election, their share rose again to about 11 percent, which in turn gave the party three seats.

It has offices in six of the eleven local councils.