Friends of Animals

Friends of Animals ( FoA ) is an animal rights organization from Darien (Connecticut) in the United States. It was founded by Alice Herrington, 1957 in Manhattan, New York, with the aim to reduce the number of stray cats and dogs by offering affordable castrations and sterilizations. Later came the conservation and protection of wild animals to do so. Moreover, campaigns are carried out for animal rights.

Gary L. Francione writes that Herrington is one of the earliest members of the animal rights movement was detected the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. Herrington retired in 1986 by FoA back.

1981 advocated the FoA Research Modernization Act in Congress, which has the development of alternatives to animal testing in research to content.

The Friends of Animals committed against the hunt for the sable antelope, which have been held since the 1990s in large numbers on textanischen hunting farms. They won a lawsuit against the American conservation authority which has granted a special permit to hunt the protected antelope. As a result, the hunt was hampered on the Oryx in Texas from April 2012. Numerous farms decreased then their Oryx stock.


Critics accuse the Friends of Animals ago that they would rather risk the extinction of the species than allow the hunting of the animals. In the U.S. Congress there is a push to the Save Endangered Species Act of 2013 to allow the hunting of sable antelope in the U.S. again. In this way, the survival of the scimitar-horned oryx is to ensure in the USA.