FSB stands for:

  • Subject-specific provision (s ) rsp. subject-specific provision (s )
  • Front Side Bus, an interface in the field of computer hardware
  • FSB ( secret service) Federal Sluzhba Besopasnosti Well, the Russian domestic intelligence
  • Financial Stability Board, the successor body to the Financial Stability Forum (FSF )
  • Expert for Security and Surveillance
  • Falange Socialista Boliviana, a Bolivian party
  • Solid rocket boosters in space, see solid rocket
  • Air Marshal
  • Field Station Berlin, a listening station of U.S. intelligence during the Cold War on the Teufelsberg ( Berlin ), see Teufelsberg # time of the Cold War
  • FSB (band), actually Formacija Studio Balkanton or formation Balkanton Studio, a progressive rock band from Bulgaria
  • Franz Schneider Brakel, a German door hardware manufacturers
  • Free spectral range
  • FMOD sample bank, a data format of audio tools FMOD (Music Library)
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