Fu Xiancai

Xiancai Fu (Chinese付 先 财, Pinyin Fu Xiancai ) ( born 1959 ) is a Chinese farmer and civil rights activist.


Fu Xiancai grew up on the Yangtze. The corn farmer began in 1994 to get involved politically, as his village and his country were threatened by the construction of the Three Gorges dam flooding. In 1997, he finally had to leave his village.

Since then, he went through petitions for outstanding compensation payments for himself and his companions in misfortune talked about. He was known to the authorities and had his commitment a certain prominence. Personally, he handed the appeal authority in Beijing 8000 signatures from farmers. Although he was arrested on his return to the county town of Zigui ( Hubei Province ) for five days, but then this was withdrawn as an illegal action and paid to each of the farmers converted 200 euros. Several times they tried to intimidate him, among other things thrown in window panes and ( presumably) hired thugs.

On 19 May 2006 he gave the German a critical interview. He was then interrogated on 8 June by the police. On the way back he was attacked and brutally beaten. He is leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Medical aid was denied after the first emergency care - even after the insistence of the German government - because he could not pay them. The German embassy then sent a representative and the embassy doctor from Beijing to Yichang and handed over the required 60,000 yuan (about 5930 euros ). On June 18, a two-hour operation was performed, which was successful.

On 22 September 2006 Fu Xiancai was transferred to a rehabilitation clinic in Beijing. The medical specialty transport of Yichang in Hubei province (central China) took 19 hours. The installation has the seriously injured survived the circumstances. The rehabilitation period is specified by 3 months. The stay and the treatment is made ​​possible by German donations. He has meanwhile announced that he would be involved in the future against the Three Gorges Dam Project. Who were the perpetrators, who knocked him down, is not known.