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Yichang (Chinese宜昌 市) is a city in the west of China's Hubei province, with over four million inhabitants. It lies between the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Nearby is the Gezhouba Dam.

The average annual temperature of the region is 16-18 ° C.

Yichang is always a distribution center of materials and transportation hub in western Hubei and Ostsichuan dar. Near the city is the Sanyou Cave, where the famed poet of the Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi, his younger brother Bai Xingjian and Yuan Zhen met and were inspired by the cave one of the most famous poems of China.


Since 2002, in the city of Yichang, the Chinese Three Gorges University, which was created through the merger of University of Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering, Yichang and of Hubei Three Gorges University. It is the largest public university in Hubei Wuhan outside the capital, with over 20,400 students.

Administrative Divisions

At county level, Yichang is composed of five districts, three counties, two autonomous counties and three independent cities together. These are:

  • City District Xiling (西陵 区), 90 km ², 400,000 inhabitants, the seat of the city government;
  • Municipality Wujiagang (伍 家 岗 区), 69 km ², 140,000 inhabitants;
  • Municipality Dianjun (点 军区), 546 km ², 100,000 inhabitants;
  • City District Xiaoting (猇 亭 区), 118 km ², 50,000 inhabitants;
  • City District Yiling (夷陵 区), 3424 km ², 520,000 inhabitants;
  • Circle Yuan'an (远安县), 1752 km ², 200,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Mingfeng (鸣凤 镇);
  • Circle Xingshan (兴山 县), 2327 km ², 190,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Gufu (古 夫 镇);
  • Circle Zigui (秭归县), 2427 km ², 390,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Maoping (茅坪 镇);
  • Chang Yang Tujia Autonomous County of (长阳 土家族 自治县), 3430 km ², 410,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Longzhouping (龙舟 坪镇);
  • Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County (五峰 土家族 自治县), 2072 km ², population 210,000, capital: greater community Wufeng (五峰 镇); Catholic Church
  • Zhijiang City (枝江 市), 1310 km ², 510,000 inhabitants;
  • Yidu City (宜都市), 1357 km ², 390,000 inhabitants;
  • City Dangyang (当阳市), 2159 km ², 480,000 inhabitants.

Ethnic structure of the population Yichangs (2000)

At the census in 2000 4.149.308 inhabitants were counted in Yichang.