Xianning (咸宁 市; Pinyin: Xianning Shì ) is a city in southeastern China's Hubei province.

Administrative Divisions

The prefecture-level city of Xianning is composed at the county level from a municipality, an independent city and four counties. These are:

  • Municipality Xian'an -咸安 区Xian'an Qū;
  • Chibi City -赤壁市Chibi Shì;
  • Jiayu county -嘉鱼县Jiayu Xiàn;
  • Tongcheng County -通 城县Tongcheng Xiàn;
  • Chongyang county -崇阳 县Chóngyáng Xiàn;
  • Circle Tongshan -通 山 县Tongshan Xiàn.


The site of Tingsiqiao battle during the Northern Expedition ( Beifa Tingsi qiao Zhanyi Yizhi北伐 汀 泗 桥 战役 遗址) Open since 1988 on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 3-23 ).