Tongcheng County

The circle Tongcheng (通 城县Chinese, Pinyin Tongcheng Xiàn ) is a circle, which belongs to the administrative area of the prefecture-level Chinese Xianning City in Hubei Province. The Tongcheng County has an area of 1,129 km ² and has about 450,000 inhabitants ( 2004).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circle of large municipalities and communes is composed. In addition, five state forestry centers (国营 林场), a state Teezentrum (国营 茶场) and two government agricultural centers (国营 农场). The major towns and municipalities:

  • Greater community of Juan Shui隽 水镇
  • Greater community Maishi麦 市镇
  • Greater community Beigang北港 镇
  • Greater community Wuli五 里镇
  • Greater community Magang马 港镇
  • Greater community guandao关 刀 镇
  • Greater community Wunan石 南镇
  • Greater community Tanghu塘 湖镇
  • Greater community Shadui沙堆 镇
  • Community Sizhuang四 庄乡
  • Community Daping大 坪乡