Xingshan County

The circle Xingshan (Chinese兴山 县, Pinyin Xingshan Xiàn ) is a the district of the Chinese city of Yichang in Hubei Province. It has an area of 2327 km ² and 190,000 inhabitants. Its main town is the large village Gufu (古 夫 镇).

Administrative Divisions

The committee is composed of the following six large municipalities and two municipalities:

  • Greater community Gufu古 夫 镇( capital Xingshans )
  • Greater community Gaoyang高 阳镇
  • Greater community Xiakou峡口 镇
  • Greater community Nanyang南阳 镇
  • Large village Huang Liang黄 粮 镇
  • Greater community Shuiyuesi水月 寺镇
  • Community Gaoqiao高 桥乡
  • Community Zhenzi榛子 乡