A Funitel is a modern variant of the gondola in the form of a Doppeleinseilumlaufbahn. The special feature of the system are the two parallel winding ropes, on which the cars are coupled with a very short hangers. The distance between the hoisting ropes is slightly larger than the width of the cab. Funitels therefore have a very high wind stability and can carry large numbers of passengers ( 3200-4000 persons per hour). Modern funitels have thanks to air suspensions, high ride comfort and are well suited as main tributaries in major ski resorts. The use as an urban passenger transport system is conceivable.


1991 was the first Funitel, Funitel de Péclet, taken in Val Thorens in operation, based on a in the eighties, developed by the French engineer Denis Creissels and of the company Pomagalski ( Poma ) built DMC- orbit. In the construction of this facility next Creissels the Swiss cable car company WSO, the steel and engineering group were reel and the operator of Val Thorens, SETAM involved. Three years later, the second plant of this concept has been realized by the company Garaventa. 1995 Doppelmayr built his first Funitel, the Glacier II on the Hintertux Glacier ( Austria ).

Nowadays funitels built by different manufacturers, some with serious differences in the underlying technology. Largest manufacturer Doppelmayr, which merged in 2002 with Garaventa. In addition, the company also builds Pomagalski ( Poma ) funitels, so that the Leitner group has a manufacturer of funitels.


The cable guide at funitels can be realized as DMC or DLM. DMC stands for Double MonoCâble and means that two separate, individually spliced ​​endless winding ropes are used, each with its own drive and cable tensioning units. The synchronization of the cables is controlled electronically, in the case of braking, the drive units are mechanically coupled via a differential gear. In contrast, using a single, also endless spliced ​​Rope in DLM ( Doubleloop Mono Cable) which is placed in a double loop. DLM at either of the drive as in the DMC- system two separate drives may be effected, or there is a single driving pulley doppelrillige used, which is driven by multiple motors. When DLM system, the expensive electronic synchronization of the cable strands, so the system has been largely enforced omitted. Market leader and inventor of the DLM - rope loop Doppelmayr used only the DLM system. The expression of the double-layer rope loop was first in 1987 at the Gaislachkogelbahn in Sölden - used - a forerunner of today's Funitel narrower cable guide. Competitor Pomagalski ( Poma ) is changed in its latest plant of DMC on DLM after the patent of the Austrians had expired after 20 years. The first Funitel was 1991, realized as DMC Funitel.


Because of the special cable guide at system Funitel very long cable lengths are required. This poses an enormous transport problems. Likewise, the rope is more stressed at a funitel than conventional cable cars. So had to go to the Galzigbahn after a few years of operation, the rope is replaced, the same applies to the Gletscherjet 1 in Kaprun. The Gaislachkoglbahn in Sölden has emerged due to their construction, in which the rope was often distracted by a large angle to a true " cable killer ". Only with the delivery of special ropes the Verschleisprobleme could be got halfway into the handle.