Doppelmayr Garaventa Group

The Doppelmayr / Garaventa Group, headquartered in Wolfurt ( Austria ) is the world leader in ropeway construction. Other important sites are located worldwide in Goldau ( Switzerland ), Salt Lake City (USA), Lana (Italy ), St. Jerome ( Canada ) as well as numerous other offices.

The company designs and manufactures both single-wire, multi-pitch, outstanding, pendant, fixed-grip and detachable cable cars also experience paths, webs, high-bay warehousing systems, car park systems, long-range continuous conveyor and Cable Liner.


The Austrian family Doppelmayr was founded in 1892 by Konrad Doppelmayr in Wolfurter district Rickenbach. 1937 built Emil Doppelmayr, the son of Konrad Doppelmayr, with the ski pioneer Sepp Bildstein the first ski lift on the Arlberg. From 1938 to 1945, Doppelmayr was a military industrial operation. As a supplier of gear factory Friedrichshafen parts were produced for tanks and assault boats. In January 1945 150 people worked in the company, 61 of which were foreign workers or prisoners of war.

As the son of Emil Doppelmayr, Artur Doppelmayr, went into the company in 1955, he pursued far-reaching developments in the cable-driven systems. In 1977 the company received the National Award and since then must the federal coat of arms used in commercial transactions. In 1996, Doppelmayr acquired the thriving cable car area of the traditional Swiss company Von Roll in Thun. Von Roll in 1945 had the first chairlift in the world built in Flims.

The company Garaventa goes back to Karl Garaventa, who built in 1928 a ropeway to Mount Rigi. Some years later, the foundation of the company Karl Garaventa 's sons carried on cable cars and engineering, especially in the area of ​​large aerial tramways, was an international success.

In 2002, the two companies merged to become " Doppelmayr / Garaventa Group ". Garaventa brought into the group of companies acquired in the early 1990s companies WSO Städeli lift, the Korneuburger ropeway manufacturer Girak, CTEC USA and the cable car division of Swoboda Seilbahnbau. At the same time, the body company CWA Constructions SA was acquired in Olten, Switzerland by Doppelmayr. The owner of Garaventa held first third of the new holding company, sold them but later to the owners of Doppelmayr.

Doppelmayr / Garaventa generated 2011/12 sales of 628 million euros and has a market share of 60 % global market leader in the cable car area. With subsidiaries, branches and representatives in over 33 countries could be realized in more than 88 countries on six continents to date, over 14,400 plants.

In early 2008 began Doppelmayr the construction of a "Mountain Glider" facility on their sites in Wolfurt to there vehicles to test and develop for amusement parks.


Main sites of the group and the site of important centers of competence are Wolfurt and Goldau. Other production sites in Italy, France, USA, Canada, China, and numerous branches in over 30 countries around the world.

Corporate Structure

Is the parent company Doppelmayr Holding AG ( based in Wolfurt, Austria ) with the board members Michael Doppelmayr ( CEO) and Hanno Ulmer. Below are other public companies such as Doppelmayr Urban Transport Systems AG ( Wolfurt ) or the Ropetrans Holding AG, Rotkreuz, Switzerland. About the Ropetrans Holding AG, the merger of Doppelmayr Garaventa and was conducted in the year 2001/2002. Delegate of the Board are Michael Doppelmayr, Hanno Ulmer and Werner Inderbitzin.


Doppelmayr Cable Car

The company delivers innovative, progressive and eco-friendly alternatives for public transport. The energy-and space-saving systems are involved in urban infrastructure, airports and convention centers as well as large industrial and office complexes.

Doppelmayr Transport Technology

The material transport systems of the DTT is used in the field bulk and general cargo transport. The range of offerings cableways and innovative long distance conveyor systems.

Input project development GmbH

The goal of Input is to develop economically sustainable overall usage concepts for 365 days a year.

LTW Intralogistics

Core competence of LTW are stacker cranes for high -bay warehouse. Additionally they supply the associated conveyor systems and software for inventory control and management. Initially founded by Doppelmayr in 1981 as a one-man operation in the field of logistics, Peter Malin LTW led with their own patents for internationally operating full-service provider.

CWA Constructions

CWA Constructions, based in Olten, Switzerland, is a subsidiary of the Doppelmayr / Garaventa Group and specialized manufacturer of rope and rail vehicles. CWA cabins and gondolas come in various cable car systems used.


Examples of cable car types:

  • First city's cable car in the UK to the Olympic Games in 2012, Emirates Air Line, London
  • First CabriO ® car in the world Stanserhorn, Switzerland
  • Funitel Galzigbahn
  • Funitel with central station in Ischgl
  • 3S -Bahn in Kitzbühel
  • 2S- Kreuzeck
  • Car cable car for VW Bratislava in Bratislava
  • " Railway triangle " on the Federal Garden Show in Munich
  • Cable Liner in Las Vegas
  • Gondola at the World Expo 1998 in Lisbon
  • Hausbergbahn in Garmisch -Partenkirchen
  • Material handling system in Jamaica
  • Teleférico del Teide
  • Peak 2 Peak Gondola, 3S gondola in Whistler Mountain ( Canada )
  • Rheinseilbahn the Federal Horticultural Show 2011 in Koblenz, construction of one of Europe's largest cable cars across the Rhine
  • People Mover DCC in Venice from Tronchetto to Piazzale Roma
  • Cable car to the summit plateau of Masada near the Dead Sea in Israel. It is the lowest- cableway in the world.
  • Dagu Glacier Gondola in China, the highest cable car in the world
  • Cable Car Project in La Paz, Bolivia. Contract was signed on September 10, 2012 Construction of three lines totaling 234.6 million U.S. dollars. Estimated completion in spring 2014 ( construction period 18 months).