Fuscher Ache

The Valley of Fuscher Ache on a picture of Hubert Sattler from 1863

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The Fuscher Ache is a right tributary of the Salzach River in the lower Pinzgau, originating below the Fuscher Törls at an altitude of almost 1300 meters from the confluence of the two streams Kaefertalbach and Traun Erbach, a little later to take the Boggeneibach from the left. The Kaefertalbach again takes up the Fuscherkarkopfbach from the left and the Sinnewelleckbach from right above a steep step.

The Fuscher Ache flows from south to north through the valley of the same and passes it to the small town of Fusch on the Großglockner High Alpine Road. It is used to place one hand as a drinking water reservoir, on the other hand, the water of Fuscher Ache characterized by the highest water quality from. It is rich in fish such as Urforelle, grayling and char. After about 28 km it flows at a Krössenbach, a district of Bruck an der Grossglockner road, in the Salzach.

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