Gaiter (vehicle)

Bellows called an elastic to " accordion-like " along folding hose of rubber, plastic or leather that is applied to protect over mechanically telescoping machine parts in order to protect it from foreign influences, in particular pollution and seal against the environment.

Bellows to seal in washing machines

For the sealing of moving and rotating the laundry drum with respect to the housing and the wash tub and a bellows is used. The bellows is a typical wearing parts for washing machines.

Bellows to ventilate moving machine parts

A bellows is also the air duct between two mutually movable machine parts, such as for cooling - for example, between the cooling fans in the car body of an electric locomotive and the traction motors in the moving truck.

Bellows between car bodies multipart vehicles

When the railroad bellows are used to protect the transition between two passenger coaches from weather and drafts. First, bellows were in Europe since 1891 with D- trains used. Since the 1950s Gummiwulstübergänge be used in place of bellows increasingly, built simpler and shorter and do not require manual labor to connect and disconnect. In narrow-gauge railways and train sets bellows are still installed. Today, the most common example of trains with bellows in Germany is the Intercity Express family. All of their members ( ICE V, 1, 2, and S, to 3, T and TD) are equipped with bellows to the carriage transitions.

On articulated buses, articulated trolleybuses and trams Gelenkwagen a bellows covers the joint between the car bodies of the vehicles.

Pressure-tight bellows -car connection with the ICE 1

Pressure-tight bellows - car transition of the ICE 3 from the inside

Bellows on the motorcycle front forks

On a motorcycle, there are often two bellows on the bike fork to protect the fork seals.

Metallic bellows

Thin-walled metal bellows with a rounded waves are used as compensation elements in the pressure vessel and pipeline construction.

Bellows as a guideway protection

Bellows also be used on all types of machinery for the protection of guideways and spindles.

Bellows for car trailers

Bellows are used at run-on part as a protective shock absorber for trailer drawbars.

Bellows for valves

In valves for use in the chemical industry, bellows are used for hermetic sealing of moving valve components against stationary components.