Game Developer (magazine)

Game Developer was from March 1994 to June 2013 monthly magazine on the subject of computer game development. The magazine was free for qualified professional game developers in the U.S., further you could relate it as a print magazine, and later as a digital version paid subscription. In July 2008, mainly spread in North America magazine reaching 35,000 readers.


Game Developer themed different areas of game development, including programming, art design, audio, quality control, game design and production. In monthly columns discussed industry veterans various topics. In the magazine, wrote important people from the gaming industry on issues relevant to game development books, tools and software packages.

A key feature of the magazine was the " Postmortem " cover story, in which the development of a recently published computer game has been described along with eviction by five points What went well and what went wrong. This article provided firsthand an open view of the lessons that have been learned in the development process. The first post-mortem was by André Vrignaud to Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands written and published in October 1997. Since 1998 draws Game Developer annually exceptional game development tools with the "Front Line Award" from. Among the winners of recent years include software ( such as Photoshop and VTune ), game engines ( Unreal Engine ), hardware ( GeForce 3) and Books (Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice).

The magazine was connected to both the trade event of the Game Developers Conference and the site Gamasutra. About the sister site, which functioned both as an online magazine for games developers as well as the job market in the gaming industry, products from the Game Developers have been sporadically published and offered single issues of the magazine for sale. In April 2013, the publishing house mother UBM announced that the magazine is set to issue June-July 2013, and its contents were entered into Gamasutra.