Games ™ was a 2008 appearing until the end of 2009 German multi-platform computer game magazine for the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and the PC.


The magazine brought news to video and computer games, previews of upcoming games and tests, as well as a retro - part and background reports. Moved the issue of the Airmotion Games Verlags GmbH, which is also the sister Magazine 360 Live, a magazine about the Xbox 360, and the PS3M, a magazine for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable out there.

The first edition of the magazine was published on March 5, 2008 ( No. 04/ 08), then, in a monthly publication. Since early 2009, the magazine was changed to a release every two months. games ™ therefore now appeared bi-monthly on the first Wednesday of the month and involved some 100 pages. With issue 01/ 2010, the magazine was discontinued.

Chief editor was Richard Lowenstein, as editor of 360 Live and PS3M and since 1983 has worked in the games industry. Executive Editor of the magazine was Sönke Siemens, who previously wrote for the magazines Video Games, the PSM2 and the kids games. He is also "and so games" involved in the weekly multi- platform gaming podcast.


  • News from the games industry and for all major platforms
  • Testing new video and computer games
  • Previews on upcoming games
  • Retro - reports
  • Discussions, in-depth developer Portraits
  • Reports
  • Community: Letters to the editor, reader tests


Connected to the print magazine, the website was games- Here users found news, current tests, another retro part, a publication list of new games, previews and selected features, a media gallery with screenshots and videos, a blog of the editors, a forum, and podcasts.