GBA (disambiguation)

GBA is an abbreviation for:

  • The Gambia Bar Association, the Bar Association in the West African state of Gambia
  • Game Boy Advance portable game console
  • GB Airways, a charter airline from British Airways after the ICAO code
  • The Federal Joint Committee, the Federal Ministry of Health, subordinate to the supreme decision-making body for health
  • Plenipotentiary General for the Allocation of Labor, institution in the Nazi period, see Fritz Sauckel
  • Chief federal prosecutor at the Bundesgerichtshof (Germany)
  • Generic Bootstrapping Architecture, term used in 3GPP standardization, see Bootstrapping Server Function
  • Geological Survey of Austria ( Austria )
  • Total Operating Committee, term from the German labor
  • Commercial and industrial facilities, sometimes used abbreviation of a position in a balance sheet
  • Code of the work of the German Democratic Republic from 1961
  • Buenos Aires, the name of the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina
  • Great Berlin edition, historical- critical edition of the works of Bertolt Brecht
  • Large Brandenburg edition, critical and annotated study edition of the works and letters of Theodor Fontane
  • Land Registry, under German law, a register court, which is charged with maintaining the land register

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