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  • Niger - Congo Atlantic - Congo Volta - Congo Kwa left Bank Gbe Mina Gene (language)




Gene (also: Ge, Gen - Gbe, Mina gene, Mina, Popo, Guin, encoder ) is the language of the people of Mina.

The Mina live in Togo and Benin. Known dialects are Anexo, Gliji, Agoi and gene. Gene belongs to the Kwa languages.

Overall, the number of speakers of the gene is estimated at about 358 900. Speakers. In Benin talking about gene 158.000 (2001), in Togo, about 200 900.

In Togo, the gene - speakers live in the southeastern part of Togo in the Maritime region. In Benin, they live mainly in the regions of Mono and Atlantique.