Languages of Benin

The 53 national languages ​​of Benin belong to the family of languages ​​of the Niger - Congo languages ​​, almost all of them to the language group of the Volta - Congo languages ​​- only the Fulfulde in the North is one of the West Atlantic languages.

The only official language is French, however, which was first introduced by the French colonialists. However, with 50 percent of the most common language is the Kwa language Fongbe, which is spoken throughout the south as a first or second language, next to it is in the south and Ewe - also belonging to the Kwa language group - spread. In the north the voltaic Gur Gurma, llama and Atakora are distributed, in the East the West Benue -Congo language Yoruba, in the northeast also the scoring for the East Benue - Congo Kambari.

Official Language

The only official language is still retained the French language, although it is spoken by only 8.8 % of the population - especially in the city. The prestige of this language as an official language, only approved language of the media and as a means of communication between the different peoples increased the number of speakers, especially in the urban milieu. French is the only approved language of instruction in primary schools.

A variety of French called français d' Afrique has evolved in the streets and markets of Cotonou. There is an almost argotisches speaking.

National languages

The national languages ​​are the Fongbe, the Yoruba, the Bariba, the Adja, the Goun and Ayizo - Gbe and more than forty other languages ​​and idioms. The Fongbe is the national language which is spoken most often, it is mainly in the center and south of the country present, especially in the cities of Cotonou, Porto Novo and Abomey.