Gene Pollar

Gene Pollar, actually Joseph C. Pohler (* September 16, 1892, † October 20, 1971 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) was a New York firefighter who became known as the second Tarzan actor in film history.


When Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1918 sold the film rights to The Revenge of Tarzan, who fell to the Numa Pictures Comp. , A company of Gebrüder Weiss. For the title role, she wanted the already established by two Tarzan movies Elmo Lincoln win, the other commitments had already been received, however, and therefore was not available. When searching for another protagonist of the Weiss brothers met in New York the then 28 -year-old New York firefighter Joseph C. Pohler know. Since this was of imposing shape and inclination felt to be an actor, he was obliged for a week fee of $ 100.

1920, the film in theaters and was well received, but did not reach the popularity of Lincoln films. Nevertheless, the Universal Studios showed interested in Pollar and offered him a two year contract with a guaranteed weekly wage of $ 350. Numa Pictures, which had already bound him tightly, however refused to cede it to Universal, unless Universal would pay Numa week 800 dollars. Of this sum Pollar should continue to receive only $ 100. Disappointed with the behavior of the film studios were Pollar on his acting ambitions and took his old job as a firefighter again. In 1944 he resigned and was buyer for a retail chain. After 15 years in this profession, he sat down in Florida to rest. Although he had played the role of Tarzan only once, he was proud of them until the end of life.