Genocide Organ

Genocide Organ is a four -piece band from Germany, who published her first work, body line 1989. The music group was founded in 1985 in Mannheim. Associated with it is most likely the genres of power electronics and post-industrial.

Genocide Organ regarded as musical role models for many of today's industrial groups. Their provocative performances and publications led to confusion and lead consciously. They pursue here a genre typical effective media strategy that can not necessarily be regarded as the private opinion of the musicians.

The members of the group give themselves to their publications anonymously bear all artists names, " nevertheless the net long real names and connections to Mannheim TESCO label can be found, which has also been brought out all GO- albums". Klaus Hilger about Wilhelm Herich and Michael Rief is as Brigand Moloch also head of Anenzephalia. Doc M. Riot and DAX are the artists names of other members. An ex- member of the band (which now continues its appearance with Diutesc ) was called by the President of the People's Court, Roland Freisler.

The band members do individual projects, such as Anenzephalia. The often mentioned together with the politically controversial group also Der Blutharsch limited to the fact that Wilhelm Herich appeared as guest drummer and singer with the second tour of Der Blutharsch. He also established the effected at a Der Blutharsch concert statement "Freedom for Pinochet " that is mentioned repeatedly in this context. Said appearance of this tour, which took place in Rostock, is on the live video I gave gold for iron (after the slogan I gave gold for iron) to see.

Many of her earlier recordings were released only strictly limited. Body line 1989 in an edition of only 291 pieces, making it popular with collectors today according to it. Most of their albums and EPs appear at the Mannheim label Tesco Organisation.


  • Body line (LP ) ( 1989)
  • Save Our Slaves ( LP) (1991 )
  • Mind Control (LP ) ( 1995)
  • Klan Kountry ( 7inch -Single) (1997)
  • Remember ( double LP) (1996 / added several new expanded edition in an LP- Box with T -Shirt and CD edition 2007) ( retrospective from various live recordings, last album with R. freisler )
  • The Truth Will Make You Free (LP- Box) (contains the album as a bonus body line as first released on CD) (1999)
  • Genocide Organ (CD ) ( Japanese publication, unpublished " link" between albums body line and Save Our Slaves) (2003)
  • In - Conflict ( LP / CD ) (2004 )
  • Under contract (LP / CD) (2011)


  • German band
  • Industrial band
  • Noise Music