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Der Blutharsch (, clotted blood ',' scab 'or a term for irregular federal mercenaries 1500) was an Austrian music project of musician Albin Sunlight Julius, the founded in 1997 in Vienna and was completed in 2010. Julius called his music initially as " Military Pop " - a mixture of fragments of old marches, neofolk elements, industrial bonds and electronic samples. But since 2005, the band stood for psychedelic rock.

A peculiarity of the publications of Der Blutharsch is that only the EPs and albums, but not the individual pieces have titles until 2011.

Band History

Der Blutharsch was originally a side project of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath -a - cloud - member Albin Julius. However, the duo had a falling out in the late 1990s, so that Julius his focus now fully able to concentrate on working with his project.

Albin Julius is also known for his collaborations with Death in June, Boyd Rice and Wumpscut, of which he later distanced himself and the re-release of the albums together with said court. Your recordings published Der Blutharsch on their own label, We never capitulate. Also drives with Julius Hau Ruck! a label for other bands from the area of ​​Neofolks and experimental music.

On the album When Did Wonderland End? started the band with a significant price correction in terms of image and music. The controversial uniforms, runes and symbols disappeared, and the music evolved towards psychedelic rock. This development reached in the album Flying High (2009) graduated - Der Blutharsch was now fully arrived in the classic psychedelic rock, which with the music from the early days of the band only wanted the dull sound quality had together.

In April 2006, played Der Blutharsch as a " farewell tour " announced European tour together with Bain Wolf Child and German Nepal, in which were held two concerts in Germany. Meanwhile, the band has however clarified to want to continue to play concerts. In September 2009, Der Blutharsch went back on tour and played among other things, an arts festival along with The Damned and Hermann Nitsch in Tilburg.

2010 Der Blutharsch officially disbanded and re- founded as Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand. In December 2010, Flying High was voted number 8 in the Austrian charts Wire.


As the band took on their early releases on the aesthetics of National Socialism reference to war and symbolism (eg Iron Cross ) fell back, she was accused of being right-wing.

The friendly electronic project Wumpscut has been criticized due to mutual remix activities. The standing behind the project Rudy Ratzinger refused to distance itself from its collaboration with Julius and has been repeatedly criticized for this reason by the music magazine Sonic Seducer, after Ratzinger contact with Sonic Seducer broke off and is no longer mentioned reversed by this.

A request for a preliminary injunction, which was provided by Albin Julius omission on the label " neo-Nazi band " against the left-wing weekly newspaper Jungle World and its editor Ivo Bozic 2007, was rejected by the District Court of Frankenthal. The court ruled that the statement was justified as a press legally protected value judgment due to the use of Nazi symbols by the band and dismissed the application. The sentence was validly 2007.

The court points out in the explanatory memorandum that the newspaper had dealt in the offending item in a businesslike manner with the band Der Blutharsch and their appearance in public. Furthermore, the valuation Der Blutharsch inevitable conclusion in due to the entire occurrence and behavior of the band that we are dealing with a band from the neo-Nazi milieu. This follows from the live performances of the band in " consistently fascist and Nazi- coded uniforms " and the use of characters from the Nazi era on the homepage, merchandising and album covers. Who, by presenting herself so must put up with a critical appreciation of his public ministry.

Albin Julius himself has clearly distanced itself from this kind allegations again and again in various interviews and statements, as eg in music magazine Orcus, No. 04/April 2006, or in the Austrian magazine Rokko 's Adventures (2008 ), where he whether the question he was a Nazi, replied: "I never was one, never will be one, nobody wants to be, not me! It interests me is not easy. "

Also in the magazine The rights edge of the band is to certify that " the former flagship band martial Neofolks has changed forever ."


  • First ( 1996 Rerelease 2001)
  • The victory of light is the life of salvation! ( 1998 Rerelease 2006)
  • The Moment of Truth ( 1998)
  • Apöcalyptic Climäx 2 (1999, with German Nepal)
  • The God of the iron allowed to grow (1999)
  • I gave gold for iron ( 1999)
  • Death in June (1999, split with Death in June, NON, Forseti )
  • The Pleasures Received in Pain (1999)
  • (Untitled) (2000, split with Ain Soph )
  • The Track of the Hunted (2000)
  • The Long Way Home (2000)
  • Thank You! (2000)
  • Inutiles (2000, split with Novy Svet )
  • El Diablo (2001, with Les Joyaux de la Princesse )
  • When All Else Fails! (2001)
  • Fire Danger Season ( 2002)
  • Good Luck to You! (2002)
  • Many enemies, many honor ( 2002)
  • (Untitled) (2003, split with Zetazeroalfa )
  • Time Is Thee Enemy! (2003)
  • Speech of Truth Will Be Eternal ( 2004)
  • The Moment of Truth ( 2004)
  • So Bring Your Iron Rain Down Upon Me ( 2005)
  • Vittoriale (2005)
  • When Did Wonderland End? (2005)
  • (Untitled ) (2006 )
  • Live in Copenhagen (2006)
  • The Philosopher's Stone ( 2007)
  • Everything Is Alright (2008)
  • Flying high (2009)
  • DB feat Geoffroy D ( 2009)
  • Der Blutharsch White Hills: Today I Want to Catch Clouds (2010)
  • Live in Leiden (2010)
  • Live in Praha DVD ( 2010)
  • Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand Aluk Todolo: A Collaboration ( 2011)
  • Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand: The Story About the Digging of the Hole and the Hearing of the Sounds from Hell ( 2011)
  • The Cosmic Trigger ( 2013)