Jungle World

The Jungle World is a left-wing political weekly. It is published in Berlin and distributed nationwide.


The newspaper was founded in 1997 as a negative reaction of most editors of the boy world (among other Jürgen Elsässer, Klaus Behnken, Bernd Beier, Ivo Bozic, Andreas Dietl, Jürgen Kiontke, Martin Krauss, Stefan Ripplinger, Heike Runge, Heiko von Schrenk, Ralf Schröder, Wolf- Dieter Vogel, Beate Willms and Elke Wittich ) against the dismissal of the chief editor Behnken by the managing director Dietmar Koschmieder. This would, according to taz author Kristine Doell " clean of radical left-wing editors " its editors. Almost all the editors at the time of the boy world occupied the editorial rooms, from the "strike newspaper " was the " Jungle World ". According to self- representation of the newspaper, she went in the summer of 1997 without starting capital or own means of production, " worn only by the strong support of the readers and the solidarity of other media " in the trade.

Political orientation

Your self-understanding is to be a platform for different left-wing positions and considers itself as a non-dogmatic left-wing weekly newspaper and as "an important platform for debate and left subcultural counter- trends ".

In the political orientation of the Jungle World is somewhere between the radical left and unorthodox left and sees itself as " not decidedly anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic and anti-American ." The " anti-imperialist " spectrum is subjected to the Jungle World regularly to sharp criticism, as for the Jungle World, many anti-imperialist movements are unreflective and nationalistic.

Since the founding of the newspaper itself, the focus of the paper has changed frequently. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Jungle World published texts, approved of the military intervention by Western states. She gave so much rejection in the anti-imperialist and anti-militarists.

Regularly come into the sheet also authors to speak, which is attributed to the movement of anti- German. On one hand, the explicitly anti- German oriented Jungle World of the journal Bahamas is regularly criticized, on the other hand, the magazine was, among other things Protection of the Constitution of the State of Brandenburg in 2005, classified as one of the most important publications of the anti-German movement. In a reply to a parliamentary question, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, in January 2012 on the judgment: in the newspaper Jungle World " are taken regularly, among other issues of extreme left-wing anti-German spectrum". In addition, it would find " information on events from the left-wing extremist spectrum".


The circulation dropped from 17,000 copies within three years to 12,000 in the summer of 2004. In January 2011, the paid circulation was 11,585 copies, according to publisher information at.