Georg Fugger

Georg Fugger of the lily (* 1453 in Augsburg, † 1506 ) was a German merchant of the Fugger family.

Georg Fugger was born in 1453, son of Jakob Fugger the Elder and his wife Barbara, born Bäsinger, in Augsburg. Morning it was clear that Georg Kaufmann would be. In 1486 he and Regina Imhoff married, a Nuremberg patrician daughter. In 1488 the son Markus (Marx) was born, a year later, the son of Raymund. This should be the ancestor of the later Count Fugger - lines " Kirchberg " and " white horn " are. Born in 1493, son Anton, who later became the head of the family company and successor Jakob Fugger the Rich, the progenitor of the later princely Fugger - lines " of Glött " and " of Babenhausen " was. Georg Fugger is thus the ancestor of all extant members of the House " Fugger of the lily ." The company " Ulrich Fugger and his company " was the first " general partnership " in Europe and soon changed the name to " Ulrich Fugger and Brothers of Augsburg ". At her were Ulrich (Director of the parent company in Augsburg), George (Head of the Nuremberg branch ) and Jacob ( development of international relations ) involved. Alone in 1494, the company made a profit of over 54,000 florins. At this time, there was still the other Fugger company that the short time should go bankrupt later the " Fugger of deer ".

Georg Fugger, together with his brothers, also founder of the Augsburg Fuggerei, existing to this day the oldest social settlement in the world. In 1506 Georg Fugger died in Augsburg.