Anton Fugger

Anton Fugger of the lily (* June 10, 1493 in Augsburg, † September 14, 1560 in Augsburg ) was a German businessman and banker. He is still regarded as one of the richest people in the world history.

To commemorate the influential merchant of the city of Augsburg was completed in 1997, Lech bridge the name of Anton Fugger bridge.

Life and work

Anton was born as the third and youngest son of Georg Fugger and his wife Regina Imhof 1493 in Augsburg. In 1525 he took over the trading empire of the Fugger of his childless uncle, Jakob " the rich", along with his brother Raymond and his cousin Jerome. Anton Fugger was next to Jakob Fugger the most important member of this family, which had become within a few generations the richest family of the world at that time.

In 1527, married Anton Fugger, the Augsburg patrician daughter Anna Rehlinger ( cf. von Rehlinger ). The marriage produced four sons and six daughters were born. In 1530 he was knighted by Charles V Imperial Count. Two years later, recognized him and Raymund Hieronimus as head of the company. As a result, he extended the trade of the Fugger of up to Buenos Aires, Mexico and the West Indies. He supported the Emperor Charles V and Ferdinand I and was considered a " prince of merchants ". His business, he led it after the slogan " silence standeth well to ".

One of his greatest achievements was one of the points of the course for the future of the " Fugger name and tribe ." He changed the economic fundamentals with a greatly enlarged base and domination possession. Finally, he prepared the coming social role of the family through targeted marriages of his sons and daughters with the landed gentry. He thus fundamentierte the influence and increased wealth and prestige of the Fugger family.


His marriage to Anna Rehlinger following sons and daughters were born:

  • Marx ( Markus ) ( 1529-1597 ) ∞ Sibylla Countess of Eberstein ( 1531-1589 )
  • Anna (1530-1549)
  • Hans (Johannes) ( 1531-1598 ) ∞ Baroness Elisabeth Notthalfft of white stone
  • Catharina (1532-1585) ∞ Jakob Graf von Montfort
  • Jerome (1533-1573)
  • Regina (1537-1584) ∞ Wolfgang Dietrich Count Hardegg
  • Susanna (1539-1588) ∞ ​​Trautson Balthasar Freiherr von Matrai
  • Jakob (1542-1598) ∞ Anna ILSUNG of Tratzberg
  • Maria (1543-1583) ∞ Michael of Eitzing
  • Veronika (1545-1590) ∞ Gaudenzdorfer to Spaur