Hans Fugger

Hans Fugger of the lily in full Hans Baron Fugger, Lord of Kirchheim, Glött, Mickhausen, Stettenfels and Schmiechen, (* September 4, 1531, † April 19, 1598, buried in Kirchheim in Schwaben ) was a member of the Swabian merchant family of the Fugger. He is not to be confused with one of his ancestors, the living in the 14th century Hans Fugger, who founded the family of the Fuggers.


Hans Fugger was the second son of Anton Fugger (1493-1560) and Anna Rehlinger. Like his brothers Marx (1529-1597), Jerome (1533-1573) and Jacob (1542-1598), he received - the new state of the family in accordance with - both a commercial, as well as a cultural and philosophical training. All his life he served the commercial enterprise of the Fugger in different areas. These ranged from the Netherlands to Spain to return to his native Augsburg.

After the death of his father Anton in 1560 he and his brothers managed the trading company and the now considerable estate of the family together. In 1573 it came to the part of the property division among the brethren. Hans was awarded, among others, the gentlemen Kirchheim, Glött, Burgstetten rock and Duttenstein. In 1583 he got together with his brothers the kingdom estates of the Swabian kingdom Count College, as well as the county estates of the Swabian kingdom circle. Hans Fugger later acquired shares in estates of the gentry Mindelheim ( 1586), Dirlewang ( 1587 ) and Daxberg (1590). After 1597 he became chief of the entire Fugger trading company to succeed his deceased brother Marx.

Hans Fugger and the Arts

In earlier times, Hans Fugger was considered one of the greatest patrons of his time. Today, the research looks at it differently. Fugger wanted to offer a special social -kept ambience to his friends and customers. For him everything was right and what was good, nice and expensive. In this context, its castles in Kirchheim and Stettenfels are seen. Even his dwelling among the Fugger houses in Augsburg with those obtained to date " bathhouses " served that purpose.

The correspondence of Hans Fugger

From almost any other contemporary of Hans Fugger so many letters are preserved in Kopialbüchern. These are located in the archive Fugger in Dillingen on the Danube. In the meantime, they have been made available in Regestenform research.