GFTP is a free ( and open source ) FTP access software, which primarily on Unix -like systems is used, but can also be used on Mac OS X. It contains both a graphical user interface (which uses GTK ) and a command line interface. gFTP is released under the GPL in 1998 and been translated into 41 languages ​​.

The program provides support for the protocols FTP, FTPS (limited), HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, FXP and FSP.

The user interface is dominated by gFTP as with many classic file managers of two sub- windows. The left pane is by default the local file system, while there is the file system of the server on the network accessible at right. Below the two pane is a status line which indicates the transmission status of the currently active or is queued data transfers. Below it, a message log follows, listing the commands executed by gFTP and the server's responses to it. Individual connections to different servers can work with all necessary settings (such as the associated local directory on the workstation ) are stored in a hierarchically organized bookmark collection. Those bookmarks are tools for quick connection.