Girardot, Cundinamarca

Girardot on the map of Cundinamarca

Girardot is a city in Colombia with 149,000 inhabitants in the province of Cundinamarca. Girardot is located 132 km southwest of Bogotá on the east bank of the Magdalena River at 289 m altitude. The climate is tropical, the average temperature is 26 ° C.


As a destination for residents of the capital Bogotá Girardot is popular, especially as the road from Bogotá on Melgar applies to Girardot as largely safe from attacks by the guerrillas. This very busy route, one of the main arteries of Colombia is famous for its scenic beauty, due to their large number of accidents, however, as notorious.


Girardot is the most upstream location, the port of Rio Magdalena, which can still be driven by larger river boats. As an inland port for the city of Bogotá Girardot had formerly of great importance, but the navigation has come in recent years by the armed conflict almost to a standstill. Today, the city lives almost exclusively on agriculture and a booming tourism day, which manifests itself in many markets, shops and an overall very colorful and lively atmosphere.

Camino Real

In Girardot begins the so-called Camino Real, the historical horse and foot of the Spanish viceroys of the Viceroyalty of New Granada to Bogota. It leads across Viota, Mesitas del Colegio and Santandercito in the Colombian capital and overcomes a difference in altitude of 2400 m in the valley of the Rio Bogota.