Gleaner Manufacturing Company

The Gleaner Manufacturing Company was originally an independent producer of agricultural machinery, but since 1990 a part of AGCO Corporation. Under the brand name Gleaner combine harvesters but continue to be sold.


The Gleaner name is closely linked with that of the brothers Curtis, Edwin and Ernest Baldwin. Growing up on a farm in western Kansas in the late 19th century, the three brothers soon began to build agricultural equipment. Curt Baldwin worked intensively with the construction of stationary threshers. Later he realized that it was not necessary to bring Drescher, but the thresher to the field the field. He began the construction of combine harvesters. His two brothers, meanwhile, rallied at the Ford Company experience in tractor. In 1923, the brothers Baldwin introduced the first self-propelled combine harvester on the market. They founded soon after, in April 1924, the Gleaner Manufacturing Company. Henceforth the name Gleaner been a steady value in the history of the grain harvest. 1955 Gleaner was acquired by Allis -Chalmers, which in turn sold its farm equipment division in 1985 at the Deutz AG. Today belongs to the Gleaner AGCO Corporation. But combines it continues to be produced and sold under the brand Gleaner. In 1979, with the Gleaner N6 his first rotary combine ago.

Gleaner produces also combine with the conventional threshing and separation system ( tangential threshing and straw walker ), but is known for his Gleaner R series. In combines the R- series of the threshing and separation process is managed by an axial rotor. In contrast to all other Axialmähdrescher that are on the market today, at the Gleaner combine, the rotor is not installed along but right.