The Goethe Society in Weimar, founded in 1885 at the suggestion of Grand Duchess Sophie under Grand Duke Carl Alexander of Saxe -Weimar- Eisenach, is a literary and scientific society based in Weimar. She wants to " contribute to deeper understanding of Goethe, to demonstrate its relevance to the modern world and give him the dedicated research suggestions " among other things ( of the constitution). Your publication organs are periodical as the Goethe Yearbook ( GJB ), which was founded in 1880 by Ludwig Geiger, and at irregular intervals the writings of Goethe Society ( SchrGG ). The highest award is the Golden Goethe Medal.

The Goethe Society has approximately 3500 members from 55 countries, in 57 local associations about 8,000 members are organized. Members are interested laymen as well as scientists and institutions. In addition to the Goethe Society in Weimar Goethe numerous other societies exist at home and abroad, including the 1878 already established as Wiener Goethe Club Austrian Goethe Society. Every two years in Weimar held the Annual General Meeting of the Company, have been put on numerous lectures given to Goethe. President of the Goethe Society is Jochen Golz.


Local groups

  • Goethe -Gesellschaft Hannover, founded in 1925 and largest in the 1950 local group