Golkonda ( Telugu: గోల్కొండ Golkonda [ ɡo lkoɳɖʌ ː ], also Golconda, Golkanda ) is an ancient fortress and ruins to town 11 kilometers west of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. From 1512 to 1687 it was the capital of the Sultanate of the same name.

The fort city is well preserved and is located on a 120 -meter-high granite hill, but it is dominated by the surrounding heights. Golkonda consists of four distinct forts with a total of 87 semi-circular bastions, some of which are still armed with cannons, eight goals, four drawbridges and number of royal apartments and halls, temples, mosques, stores, stables, etc. One of the forts once served as a state prison and treasury of the British-Indian vassal State of Hyderabad.

Golkonda shows in its architecture and design interesting acoustic effects. A clap of the hands of one of the gates can be heard one kilometer far from the highest point of the fortress. This served as a wake-up call in an emergency.

Nearby are 18 granite outside the walls, provided with high domes and pinnacles mausoleums of the kings of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. They show beautiful sculptures and surrounded by landscaped gardens.

Golkonda was known by the diamonds in the old days, which were found in the region and cut and polished here. The diamond Koh-i- Noor, Hope Diamond and Regent reported to have been found and edited here. The Mines of Golkonda also contributed to the wealth of the Nizams of Hyderabad, who ruled here from 1724 to 1948, to Hyderabad was annexed by India. The state of Hyderabad was divided in 1956 and the State of Andhra Pradesh slammed Golkonda.

The name is derived from the Telugu expression Golla Konda ( " Shepherd Hill" ). The first Europeans, who reported from Golkonda, was the Russian commercial travelers Afanassi Nikitin. The surrealist painter René Magritte created in 1953, a painting entitled Golconda.


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