Google Labs

Google Labs was a collection of services provided by Google, Inc., who had been still in beta. These were, for example, new search capabilities, browser plug -ins or personalized Web services. New services are initially been generally available in English only, which were later located on success and transferred to the official service overview page. There they remained for some time usually in beta. Services that were not classified as successful, were discontinued after some time. The setting of Google Labs was announced in the official Google blog on July 20, 2011. Still existing experiments have been integrated into other projects or be such as set Google Code Search. The reason stated is to want to bundle in the future the forces on fewer projects. Experimental functions from other services like Gmail but it had just as little affected as in the Google Play existing applications for the mobile operating system Android. On October 17, 2011 Google Labs was closed because Google wants to focus on the social network Google .

Example projects