Graceland (TV series)

Graceland is an American television series that airs on the USA Network since 6 June 2013. It was developed by Jeff Eastin. In September 2013, the production of a second season was announced.


A group of Undecover agents, which are responsible for various law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the DEA and ICE, live together in a beach house. This beach house is nicknamed " Graceland " and hides many secrets that have to do with the bogus identities of the investigator.


Main cast

Brandon Jay McLaren plays Dale Jakes

Serlinda Swan plays Paige Arkin

Supporting cast

Production and broadcasting

In June 2012, it was announced that USA Network had ordered a new crime series called Graceland. The main characters of the series are Daniel Sunjata and Aaron Tveit. Although actually scheduled for a three-part story arc, Serinda Swan was promoted in December 2012 to lead actress. The first of the twelve episodes of the first season of the series aired on June 6, 2013. Two days before the end of the broadcast of the first season, September 10, 2013, extended the USA Network series about a thirteen -part second season.

Episode List


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