Gran Trak 10

Gran Trak 10 is an arcade game that was produced in 1974 by Atari. It was the first racing game, the first game with a steering wheel, and the first thing ROMs used.


Gran Trak 10 is a racing game for one player. It takes place in the top view. The distance limitations consist of points. The player has next to the steering wheel, a gas pedal, a brake and a four-speed circuit ( three forward speeds and one reverse ). It must be run in a limited time as many rounds.

Later there was also a model in which two players could play simultaneously.


  • Gran Trak 20 ( for 2 players )
  • LeMans (4 courses)
  • Formula K ( with LED counter)
  • Sprint 2 ( with microprocessor)
  • Speed ​​Race ( Taito, 1974)


The simple ROM was used to store the cars, the item display, the time display and the track.

The monitor was a 23- inch black and white TV. A microprocessor has not been used.