Killer List of Videogames

The Killer List of Videogames ( KLOV abbreviated ) is a website that cataloging arcade games past and present is devoted to. It is the video game division of the International Arcade Museum and is used to a great extent by collectors and gamers from around the world, as it provides by far the largest database on the Internet ( in May 2010 there were about 18,000 titles ).

Despite the word "Video Games" in the title of the KLOV collects only games that have appeared in the form of slot machines, in contrast to the MobyGames page that cataloged other video games such as console and computer games.

The KLOV provides images of machine housings, controls, screenshots and sometimes even 3D models of vending machines. In addition, technical data can be found on the devices, game descriptions, information about the cases, lists of cheat codes, tricks and bugs, Trivia, repair tips and meetings aftereffect of games in the arcade culture (such as sequels and other games that have been inspired by each subject ). Some items may even contain the complete technical manual for slot machines to download.

A special focus of the KLOV are classic games, ie those that have been published during the golden era of arcade games. But most newer games have an entry, even if the information on these is often incomplete.

The website publishes news on the subject is presented with several games in the category Machine of the Moment and includes the top 100 video games as the best and most influential arcade games of all time list. There are also web forums where collectors, fans and experts discuss questions about arcade games and vending machines.

A similar page is arcade -, which is also available as history.dat file for the emulator MAME there.