Grigorovich IP-1

The Grigorovich DG- 52 (also Grigorovich IP-1, Russian Григорович ИП -1 or ДГ -52) is a single-seat, single-engine low-wing monoplane fighter aircraft of Soviet origin. It is based on the Grigorovich IZ, however, is aerodynamically improved greatly. The self-supporting cell of aluminum was stiffened. The wing structure consisted of two beams, which were made of high-strength steel, the planking was made of aluminum. The wing outline was elliptical. The flaps were also hydraulically operated as the rear wheel chassis. Except for the fabric -covered rudder the entire aircraft made ​​of metal was made ​​.

A special feature was the firm attachment of the recoilless 76mm cannon developed by APK -4 Kurschewski at about 55 % of the span at an external load station. Five shots were ever provided for the cannon. The first flight was with a 640PS payable Wright R -1820 engine, which was covered with a NACA hood, and carried out a Hamilton Standard propeller 1934. In addition to the APK -4 two SchKAS were carried which is shot through the propeller arc. The flight tests were successful and there were appointed 200 machines of this pattern. The drive was the 635 hp payable license version of the Wright R -1820, M- 25, is provided.

At this time, the development of ACP - 4 was set. In order to nevertheless an adequate armament conventional 20 mm SchWAK were to get built into the wing root and six SchKAS mounted in place of the ACP -4. However, due to the change in armament, the focus shifted such that the flight characteristics were difficult to control. The interception from a spin was almost impossible with full armament. At first thought you to use a special drogue chute for discharging from a spin. We then decided, however, as a greatly enlarged dorsal fin to mount.

Because of the difficulties only 90 machines were manufactured 1936-1937. Because of the superior Polikarpov I-16 production was then adjusted.

Grigorovich DG- 54

Based on the DG- 52 DG- 54 Grigorovich was planned (also Grigorovich IP -2). However, this type does not make it past the design stage and the project was abandoned in 1936. The DG- 54 was like the DG- 52 designed as a single-seat, single-engine low-wing fighter aircraft, but the armament of up to twelve SchKAS or two SchKAS and four SchWAK should be much stronger. As an engine Hispano-Suiza 12X was provided with 760 hp. The initial weight was supposed to be 1952 kg, the calculated top speed was 520 km / h


  • Wingspan: 10.97 m
  • Length: 7.23 m
  • Wing area: 19.98 m²
  • Empty weight: 1200 kg
  • Takeoff weight: 1880 kg
  • Maximum speed: 410 km / h in 3000 amount
  • Start-/Landegeschwindigkeit: 97 km / h
  • Rate of climb: 1 min 18s up to 1000 m
  • Service ceiling: 8300 m
  • Range: 1000 km
  • Drive: 1 x M-25 with 635 hp
  • Armament: 2 x 20 mm SchWAK and 6 x 7.62mm SchKAS