The term was coined by Roland Groovebox with the MC- 303 ( 1996). It usually referred to thus a combination of sampler or ROM-Sampler/Synthesizer, sequencer and drum machine.

The concept has been continually developed; Today groove boxes are often full production centers. Especially for the production of electro, techno, house and hip -hop, these devices are popular. But Indietronica groups such Duo505 use Groove Boxes. It is estimated to groove boxes of many intuitive operation, the independence from the PC or the recording studio and the immediate intervention in the play action. While the MC -303 and other early devices of this type still great value was placed on the supplied pattern and aesthetics, sounds and user guide were designed to more playful approach, today is the serious production in the foreground - especially by a large display, diverse sound generation possibilities (including sampling) and a comprehensive sequencer. In live performances groove boxes are considered reliable.

Pattern - based As with previous hardware sequencers and other similar devices operating on a Groovebox, that is, the input MIDI data stored in repeating blocks from 1 to 32 beats in length. Variations can be introduced by muting individual MIDI tracks, the use of a Low Frequency Oscillators, manual filter gradients, or selecting a new pattern. Partly have GrooveBox a wide range of effects such as Chorus, Flanger, Reverb and Echo, and other game aids such as an arpeggiator, with the result of a single note or chord arpeggios. Drum patterns can be created with the so-called running light programming.

Also worth mentioning are the devices of the MPC series by Akai, which, although itself not attributable to Groovebox genus, but serve a similar market. They are equipped with extensive sampling functions and especially in the hip-hop area popular.

Known devices are:

  • Roland D-2, MC -303, MC -09, MC -307, MC -505, MC -808, MC -909, JX -305
  • KORG Electribe A ( EA -1), Electribe R ( ER-1 ), Electribe S ( ES-1 ), Electribe M ( EM-1 ), Electribe SX ( ESX), Electribe MX ( EMX )
  • Yamaha RM1x, SU 200, SU 700, RS7000, AN200, DX200, QY70, QY100
  • Radikal Technologies Spectralis
  • Elektron Machinedrum, Monomachine