Ground Zero (Band)

Ground Zero is a band founded in 1990 by Yoshihide Otomo with changing members. Originally the band for the performance of the signified as GamePiece free improvisation piece Cobra by John Zorn was initiated but quickly evolved into Otomo's main project, which TOOK PLACE in the following years its rising popularity. The name of the band changed in the early years of ground -0 to Ground Zero; In addition, the project was also mentioned as Ground Zero Ground Zero Orchestra and Ensemble. The style of the group is referred to both as a New Improvisation music or noise as well as a jazz score. The nine-member group was often at the core of Yoshihide Otomo, Hideki Kato and Masahiro Uemura, later Sachiko M. With their self-titled debut album Ground Zero use 1992 as the first band turntables to free improvisation. A fact which was a sensitive trend of previous listening habits both for jazz enthusiasts as well as supporters of electronic music. Likewise, the band mixed traditional Asian instruments with instruments from the general rock and pop music. With this radical mixture were Ground Zero 1990-1998 active. Your last performance, the band released the following year under the title Last Concert


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