GS Yuasa

The K. K. GS Yuasa Corporation (Japanese株式会社 ジーエス ユアサ コーポレーション, kabushiki - gaisha jīesu yuasa kōporēshon ), a Japanese manufacturer of batteries, is the largest Asian manufacturers of car batteries. The annual turnover is around 2.4 billion euros (300 Milliard. Yen). President of the company is Makoto Yoda. The company is also the largest manufacturer of car batteries in the U.S..

Lithium - ion secondary battery

GS Yuasa relies on lithium - ion batteries for future hybrid cars and electric cars.

By car maker Mitsubishi, the company has established a joint venture to develop and produce this technology and built a factory.

Even with GS Yuasa Honda founded a company for the production of traction batteries.

In January 2013, all Boeing 787 were temporarily withdrawn from the market. Background were encountered among other problems with the fire delivered by GS Yuasa Li- ion batteries.