Gu Kaizhi

Gu Kaizhi (Chinese顾 恺 之/顾 恺 之, Pinyin Gu Kǎizhī; * 344, † 405) was a Chinese painter whose picture scroll " admonition of the court ladies " the oldest painting with a signature. According to historical records, he was born in Wuxi ( Jiangsu Province ) and has for the first time painted in Nanjing in 364.

In the year 366 was Gu Kaizhi officer (Da Sima cajun ). Later he was promoted to royal officer ( Sanji Changshi ).

He was also a talented poet and calligrapher. He wrote three books on the art of painting:

  • " About the Painting "
  • " An introduction to the famous sculptures of the Wei and Jin Dynasties "
  • And " article on the representation of Mount Yuntai ".

Gu Kaizhi wrote: In the figure painting dress and appearance are not particularly important. The eyes are the soul and the deciding factor.