• Jacob Reynolds: Solomon
  • Lara Tosh: Girl in Car
  • Jacob Sewell: Bunny Boy
  • Darby Dougherty: Darby
  • Chloë Sevigny: Dot
  • Harmony Korine: Boy on Couch
  • Max Perlich: Cole
  • Linda Manz: Solomon's mother

Gummo is a controversial American feature film from the year 1997.

The town of Xenia (Ohio ) in 1974 devastated by a tornado. This event paralyzes the population, particularly among young people leads to extreme reactions. Unable to survive the situation emotionally and bored of the opportunities offered to life, channeling her emotional instability by sniffing glue and the mistreatment of cats and other children.

In an action in the usual sense was omitted.


The film uses various recording techniques that are used seemingly at random. In addition, shocking and provocative scenes are shown in a naturalness and casualness that emphasizes the brutalization and " degeneration " of young people.

How in Kids, which is also based on a script by Harmony Korine, most of the cast had little or no acting experience. Chloë Sevigny designed for the film of her former friend Korine also the costumes.


The film music was composed mainly of bands from the Metal subculture; represented include Bathory with the song Equimanthorn, Sleep with the song Dragonaut, Mystifier, The Electric Hellfire Club, Absu, Burzum and Nifelheim. Some pieces were exclusively recorded or edited for the film.


Gummo earned both excellent and extremely bad reviews. He has won several movie awards, including the FIPRESCI Prize at the International Film Festival in Venice.

Many critics, however, were of the opinion that the wretchedness and sadness would rather exhibited, as they would be made on the subject ( Encyclopedia of the International film). The film was a cynical attempt to "socially degenerate white trash" show off, rather than dealing with them.