Gunt River

Hydrological basins in eastern Tajikistan

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The Gunt (Russian Гунт ) is a right tributary of the Panj in the Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tajikistan.


The Gunt rises on the northern flank of the Southern Alitschur chain in the eastern part of the Pamirs. From there, its waters flowing westward. It flows through the lake Jaschilkul and sets its course continued to the west. Shortly before Chorugh he takes on 2069 m altitude on the water of the river Schachdara and ends after flowing through the city in the Panj. At the other, the western banks of the river Panj and thus opposite the confluence of the Gunt is the border with Afghanistan. The Gunt has a length of 296 km and drains an area of ​​13,700 km ². In the upper reaches before reaching the Jaschilkul Lake the river is called also Alitschur.