Gurten (mountain)

Aerial view of belts Kulm

Located in the municipality of Köniz belts ( colloquially " Mount Gurten ", also " GÜSCHU ") is the local mountain of the city of Bern, and a popular destination.

Offers and Events

On the Güschi path can experience with your mouse Jimmy Flitz local animals children. The Hotel Kulm belts and leisure facilities Park in the green belts on the one hand forth on foot from Wabern or sweeping sentence, on the other hand, reached by Gurtenbahn. For several years, also there is a downhill mountain bike route that runs from the mountain to the valley station of the Gurtenbahn.

On the large playground runs a miniature railway with a track width 7 inches (17.78 cm). Among other things, run a Re 465, a Bm 4/4 II, a Bm 4/4, one Re 4 /4, a series steam locomotive 38, the Royal Scot, the Spreewald forest, Waldenburg. The approximately 550 m long course was extended to the year 2010, at an approximately 170 m long rack route on which retracts Zahnradtriebzug the MG track.

Takes place annually one of the largest and most traditional open-air festivals in Switzerland, the Gurtenfestival here.

The observation tower built in 2000, a 25-meter- high wooden -steel construction, offers a panoramic view of the Bernese Alps in the south and the Jura in the north.


A license for a year-round restaurant operation was granted in 1866. 1925 decided a slim majority of city voters Bernese buying the belts meadow. By 1959 a golf course was operated on the premises, which could not be accessed by outsiders. In the same year a ban was introduced for cars, but for which there were numerous exceptions and apply.

The 25m high observation tower on the straps

Views of the Alps