Gwächtenhorn (center back), View from the Susten pass over Steingletscher and Steinsee, far right of the Steinlimigletscher

The Gwächtenhorn is a 3,420 meter high summits of the Urner Alps, close to the Susten Pass. About the summit runs from west to east towards the border between the Swiss cantons of Bern and Uri.

Since its highest point is glaciated, a different height entering the card output to card output is normal. To the west of the main summit is the Tierberglimi (also called Chelenlücke ), opposite the gap is the rear Tierberg ( 3'447 m). The flat eastern ridge of Gwächtenhorns falls gently onto 3'159 meters to get back gently to Red Stock ( 3'183, 3 m ) to increase. The ridge continues in an easterly direction to a secondary peak of Susten horn ( at 3,315 m), the main peak of Susten horn with a total of 3,504 meters above sea level is located north of it.

The southern flank falls from the southern side peak as a rock wall to Chelengletscher in Göschenertal steeply. The northern flank is dominated by the rock glacier. The firn flowing after he has become glacial ice, in a northeasterly direction down because due north an ice-free rocky ridge located at the foot of which connects the peak current with that of the Chelenlücke. Two other rock ridge located deeper on the northern flank and form the animal mountain and the mountain goat. On the Tierberg is the Tierberglihütte ( 2,797 m), which is overseen by the Department Basel-Land of the Swiss Alpine Club.

The summit is relatively easy to climb from the north side of mountain climbers on the glacier.