Hack- Tic was a Dutch hacker magazine that clubs from 1989 to 1994 in Amsterdam appeared on the model of German Datenschleuder the Chaos Computer. Among the founders belonged Rop Gonggrijp, the Internet provider XS4ALL emerged from Hack- Tic.


This "magazine for techno - anarchists ", as it was subtitled, published hacker tricks questionable legality, such as for phreaking or manipulation of magnetic stripe cards, and turned to the emerging technology of the Internet.


They held two hacker conferences, 1989, the Galactic Hacker Party and 1993 Hacking at the End of the Universe in the form of a camp under the stars. Even after the setting of Hack- Tic to become independent this idea and led in 1997 to Hacking In Progress, 2001 Hackers At Large, 2005 What The Hack, Hacking at Random 2009 and 2013 to Observe. Hack. Make.

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