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The Hager Fikir Theatre in Addis - Ababa is the oldest theater in the Ethiopian capital. It is considered one of the oldest indigenous theater in Africa. It was founded in 1935, just before the invasion by Italian troops, as Hager Fikir Maheber (Association for patriotism ). The Hager Fikir Theatre, is now in the historic Piazza district of Addis Ababa.

The theater was lifted out of patriotic reasons from baptism. The population of Addis Ababa should be mobilized and welded together against the imminent invasion by Italian troops. The first open-air theater performances took place on the Menelik Square in the heart of Addis Ababa.

Although the Italian occupation of the country could not be prevented, survived the Hager Fikir - theater. However, only fascist and pro- Italian plays were performed during the period of occupation.

After the withdrawal of Italian troops from Ethiopia in 1942, the Hager Fikir Theater - drew its buildings, where it is still partly accommodated. A former Italian nightclub was transformed into a theater. Later, a large auditorium, a new stage was added. For the 25th Jubilee of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie in 1955, the theater was once again expanded and renovated.

During the reign of Haile Selassie, the theater grew and established itself as Ethiopian People's Theatre.

In addition to regular performances, there were regular live radio broadcasts from the Hager Fikir - theater. In addition, parts of the theater companies went several times a year on tour and so brought the theatrical culture of the Hager Fikir Theatre - in the rural areas of Ethiopia.

Also, as in Ethiopia in 1974, the Derg regime took power, set the Hager Fikir Theatre, continued his work. On the program were mainly Marxist- Leninist pieces. Musicians and actors were partially controlled and censored. In 1975, Tesfaye Gesesse, the then director of the Hagerstown - Fikir Theatre, detained and arrested. His piece Iqaw ( The Thing ) was viewed by the government as "anti- Derg " and anti- revolutionary.

Even after the fall of the Derg regime in 1991 put the Hager Fikir Theatre, continued his work. Today, more than 100 people for the theater, including about 40 actors and singers work.

Many stars like Aster Aweke, Tilahun Gesesse and Frewu Hailu began their careers on the stage of Hager Fikir - theater. Stood on the board and are both traditional Ethiopian plays and productions of European plays of William Shakespeare, Friedrich Schiller, Henrik Ibsen and Molière.

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