Haifa Airport

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The Haifa airport (English Haifa International Airport, Ivrit נמל התעופה חיפה, Namal HaTe'ufa Haifa, Israel also U Michaeli Airport ) is an airport in the port city of Haifa in northern Israel.


The airport was built in 1934 by the British Mandate government in Palestine and served military and civilian use. From 1936 international scheduled traffic was set up. Influenced by the Second World War turned the airport 1940-1948 regular services a. From 1942 to 1948 he served as a base of the Royal Air Force. He was later taken over by the Israeli Air Force. In 1948 Cyprus Airways began the first regular flights in 1958 was followed by Arkia. Israir from 1996, Aeroel since 1998. Was followed by Royal Wings (Jordan) and Scorpio ( Egypt ) and other companies during flight operations. Through the expansion of the airport in 1998, the air traffic increased. 2001 announced the Israeli Prime Minister Silvan Shalom that the airport expanded further and the runway in 2400 to be long. On 24 July 2012, the responsibilities of flight operations, the Israeli Air Force were handed over to civilian operators are to expand the operation in the future.

Map and areas of the airport

Units of the Air Force in Haife (center Haifa 21st Airbase )