Hallberg is a locality ( tätort ) in the Swedish province of Orebro Lan and capital of the municipality of the same name. A small portion (74 acres ) of the area of the village with 147 inhabitants ( 2010) belongs to the neighboring community Kumla.

The place is a hub of the Swedish railway where trains of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Örebro and Karlstad. The corresponding station was built in 1862. Also, is Sweden's largest marshalling yard here.

Station Hallberg


Interesting, erected by the architect Ferdinand Boberg house is for the merchant Adolf Bergöö ( Bergööska huset ). The ballroom of the house is decorated with wall paintings by Carl Larsson, which the daughter of the merchant had married. The cemetery Norrby stenar lies two kilometers northeast of the city.


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  • Place in Örebro County
  • Community Hallberg
  • Community Kumla