Ham Fisher

Edward Hammond " Ham " Fisher ( * September 24, 1900 in Wilkes -Barre, Pennsylvania, † December 27, 1955 ) was an American cartoonist and caricaturist. He became famous for the humorous comic strip Joe Palooka.

Fisher began his artist career as a sports cartoonist for the newspapers of his birthplace and recorded in 1920, the first episodes of the series humorous boxer Joe Palooka. The founding a newspaper did not meet with lasting success, so he moved to New York in 1927, where he worked in the advertising department of the New York Daily News. He managed to sell within a few weeks Joe Palooka in several newspapers. Fisher, who mainly wrote the stories about Joe Palooka, employed various Ghost draftsman, who drew on his behalf and under his name, including Al Capp. Capp threw Fisher later before exploiting other artists and had a hint of Fisher malignant cartoonist occur in his Li'l Abner strip. The emergence of fake Li'l Abner strip was part of the National Cartoonists Society Fisher blamed, so you there aufkündigte him his membership.

Fisher took on 27 December 1955, life.