The Hamngatan is a main road in the Norrmalm neighborhood of Stockholm. The Hamngatan runs in an east-west direction from the Sergels torg Nybroplan.


Today's Hamngatan got its name in 1857, it existed at earlier times of several sections with different names, including Styckgjutarebacken (1847 ), Enkehusgränden ( 1857) and Hampnegathon (1645 ).

Hamngatan 'port road " until the 19th century, the eastern section of the street was a harbor road. It led down to Nybroviken, a Baltic Sea bay, the further into then handed to the west in the city. Here was a harbor and fish market Stockholm (today Norrmalmstorg ), where now there is no more fish to be sold. Due to the ongoing land uplift marshy the inner part of Nybroviken and was eventually filled. Around 1850, here was a park, Berzelii park, named after the Swedish chemist Jöns Jakob Berzelius.

Hamngatan recently

In the 1960s, changed the Hamngatan as Stockholm City was redesigned as part of the redevelopment of Norrmalm and Sveavägen south was extended to the Hamngatan. The western part of the road was lowered to allow a traffic- annoying pitch disappear and broadened, with many prestigious buildings were demolished.

Along the stretch of road are now the department store Nordiska Kompaniet (NK ), the Sverigehuset, the Kungsträdgården and the place Norrmalmstorg.

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